From DateTo DateWeekly RateDeposit
September 26th 2015October 31st 2015£600£300
November 1st 2015November 30th 2015£500£250
December 1st 2015December 19th 2015£500£250
Christmas 19th December 201526th December 2015£750£375
New Year / Hogmanay December 26th2nd of January 2016£750£375
3rd of January 201618th March 2016£575£290
19th March 20161st April 2016£675£340
2nd April 201627th May 2016£640£320
28th May 201629th July 2016£750£375
30th July 20162nd September 2016£850£425
3rd September 201630th September 2016£750£375
1st October 20164th November 2016£650£325
5th November 201620th December 2016£575£290
21st December 20163rd January 2017£800£400